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Revenue Recovery Services

DNFB Reduction Services

Timely billing is critical to a hospital’s revenue operations.  Incomplete clinical documentation and delayed coding can add days to the billing cycle and have a negative impact on cash flow.  Jzanus Consulting provides services that can help to minimize HIM billing delays.   We assess and evaluate the underlying causes of your problems; analyze and qualify the specific details surrounding the issues including- diagnosis, procedures and provider reviews; and assist with fixing the problems so that your DNFB days decrease to an acceptable level.

Key Features include:

  • HIM Workflow and Case Assessments-

  • Process Reengineering and Improvement

  • Query Reviews and Template Building

  • Training and Education-Physicians and Coders​


Benefits include:

  • Shared best practice knowledge and experience

  • More timely coding and query processes

  • Efficiency gains in workflow operations

  • Reduced DNFB days  

Need assistance?

Our experts are just a click away from supporting your next Revenue Cycle initiative.   

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