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Health Information Management
(HIM) Services

Complimentary DRG Assessment

Jzanus Consulting is seeking to build new partnerships with clients across the nation.  As we work to develop these relationships, we offer a complimentary DRG coding review to give you a preview into our service offerings. 


Included in our assessment are some of the following depending on the scope of work:

  • MS DRG and 3M APR DRG coding accuracy determination including specific reasons for over coding or under coding.

  • Quantified missed rightful revenue opportunities for your organization.

  • Clinical documentation effectiveness reviews at the provider level.

  • Suggestions for improving quality and CMI measurements.

  • Recommendations for coder education and training.

  • Detailed audit reports with additional insights and feedback.

Contact us about our complimentary DRG assessment

Need assistance?

Our experts are just a click away from supporting a DRG Assessment or compliance audit. 

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