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Health Information Management
(HIM) Services

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Better documentation can help improve your bottom line and increase compliance, as well as, enhance patient care quality.  At Jzanus Consulting, we help to improve the accuracy of your documentation which can lead to an increase in your Case Mix Index (CMI) and make it easier for you to receive reimbursement for the care you provide.  We protect that reimbursement by emphasizing compliance and minimizing your losses associated with RAC audits.  As part of the CDIP program, we work with your physicians, nurses, coders and administrators to understand your existing programs and determine achievable objectives.

Physicians’ participation in CDIP and ICD-10 initiatives are crucial towards achieving a positive transformation of clinical operations and documentation.  We can work with your clinicians to educate and train them on the importance of accurate documentation as it relates to medical billing and payments, reporting, improved CMI and quality measures.

CDIP programs typically have a strong ROI due to the positive impact they can have on your CMI.

Benefits of Jzanus Consulting's services:

  • National audit leader for past 20 years

  • Support CDI with a team approach utilizing physicians, nurses, and certified coders

  • Serving both large academic health systems and community hospitals

Need Assistance? 

Our experts are just a click away from supporting your next compliance initiative. 

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