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About Us

HIM Experts

Jzanus is the leading provider of Health Information Management and Revenue Integrity services to the New York healthcare marketplace.  With an organization of over 100 employees and a consistent leadership team,  Jzanus provides the security that hospitals have come to expect when selecting an outside business partner.  Unique to the industry is our depth of healthcare knowledge and expertise in both clinical and revenue cycle operations.  Jzanus leverages these strengths across our comprehensive revenue and HIM improvement program to assist our clients with obtaining the highest appropriate recognition for the care and severity of illness to which they are entitled.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality assurance is demonstrated by the seasoned professionals we use.   Averaging more than twenty (20) years of experience in medical records and coding all are RHIAs, RHITs or Certified Coding Specialists and have a thorough understanding of New York State payers, APR DRG’s and federal regulations.   Many of these consultants are nurses, physicians, and HIM Directors with backgrounds as healthcare consultants and educators.  They are ICD-10 certified and local to the area.

Market Success

Jzanus services more than 80 percent of the New York metropolitan hospital market.  Our clients include some of the largest teaching hospitals in New York state and the nation where we assist with risk assessments and compliance audits under attorney-client privilege arrangements.  With our comprehensive revenue cycle and HIM improvement program, Jzanus is recognized as the trusted business partner for improving cash flow, validating medical charts, improving clinical documentation, and ensuring state and federally compliant billing.   Our strong working relationships with New York State payers and intermediaries has allowed us to efficiently and cost effectively support our clients’ HIM and revenue improvement needs over the years.

Information Technology 

Jzanus maintains a large IT organization that supports our own proprietary software systems, and assists with HIM technology needs.  With these resource we can easily accommodate most remote connectivity and file transfer requests when delivering HIM services.

Jzanus provides the following HIM services:

  • Cost Outlier Recovery

  • Coding Validation

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement

  • ICD-10 Support

  • Contract Coding

  • HIM Education and Training

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